Millennials Set An Alternative Fashion Trend

Dressing style has got nothing to do with age as a lot of fashionista will claim, but the credit goes to millennials for bringing the alternative fashion back in trend and into limelight. Alternative fashion has been there since ages, though the followers of this style were not many. These rebels, if we could call them, had influenced the dressing style of zillions of youngsters. Decades after decades a lot of diverse styles kept cropping up. Punk, gothic, rock, vintage and other sub culture styles which are together called alternative fashion.

Youngsters are crazy about giving their look a whole new dimension with a wide range of alternative clothing online. Latest in punk, gothic, rock and vintage clothing is available at stunning prices. Online outlets also stock alternative accessories like skull print handbags, neon UV leg warmers, fairy wings, neon UV fluffy fur scarves, animal print scarves and wetlook gloves.

If fashion for you is to wear what you like and be comfortable in whatever attire slip in, then for sure you don’t want to follow the masses. If you dare to create your own fashion style, an alternative one, then alternative clothing is all for you. No need to look further than Blue Magik when it comes to alternative clothing. It is the home of alternative fashion.

Alternative fashion has lured both men and women. And kids too have not left aside. Women’s clothing has a range of cyber, punk gothic clothing. Punk clothing online offers an array of outfits to choose from. The range includes tops, t-shirts, dresses, corsets, swim suits, shorts, jeans, trousers, hoodies, jumpers, leggings, jackets and much more. Stunning collection of women’s gothic tops which includes printed long vest tops, butterfly print tops, skull print tops, neon UV women tank tops, animal print tops attracts young women.

Dresses, which are unique, flattering in shape and make one look stylish, are impressing women. The online collection of ladies dresses includes vintage 50s dresses, metallic shiny long vest tops, retro style dresses, floral prints, plus size polka dot dresses and gothic long dresses. The most fashionable women skater dresses are quite in demand. If you are searching for a perfect steampunk jacket, Blue Magik offers an ultimate collection of women’s stylish jackets including biker jackets, hooded Gothic jackets, classic punk tartan jackets to fluffy hooded coats.

Showcase your dark and mysterious look with an impressive array of Gothic t-shirts available online. Short sleeve printed tees with Gothic designs ensure spooky vibes. If you want to make a statement with your punk style, then you are at the right place. You don’t have to look any further for bondage trousers or punk pants. If you like dramatic alternative clothing, then it’s to update your wardrobe with dark fantasy themed men’s printed t-shirts. Apart from grim prints of skulls, skeletons, spiders, ribcage, bats, crows, our collection includes tropical floral retro vintage prints.


Types of gothic alternative legging

Leggings are a popular bottom wear adorned by women with various kinds of tops and tunics. While some leggings are plain and simple; some are quite bold and flashy in the way they look. There are different styles and patterns in which leggings are available. If you want to be slightly bold in your appearance, you can try Gothic leggings. Gothic fashion is high in vogue with many young people now. With this style, you can throw away your old boring leggings and flaunt something that is more interesting and eye-grabbing. Alternative leggings are a popular choice as they help in making a style statement which is quite noticeable.

Mentioned below find some interesting styles of gothic alternative legging:

  • Metallic leggings–If you are bold and want to flaunt your boldness, try metallic leggings. These leggings have sheen like metals and the skin tight ones look really attractive. Such leggings are available in myriad hues and you can choose the one that is in sync with your top, tunic or dress. If you are not much experimental, black leggings in metallic sheen can be your pick. Moreover, there can be metal studding on these leggings too.


  • Leggings with skulls and skeletons –When we talk of anything Gothic, skulls, skeletons and items related to the dark world come to our mind. Alternative clothing relies greatly on Gothic themes and concepts. Skeleton leggings have become a preferred choice with women who look for alternative leggings with a Gothic touch to the same. Seeing the leggings at first glance will give a creepy feeling as it seems that the legs are that of a skeleton.


  • Printed leggings–Prints on leggings are not uncommon. There can be different kinds of prints on leggings, ranging from plain and simple designs to Gothic patterns and styles. These prints are unique and cool and help in imparting a style statement like none other. Adorning these printed leggings with a simple top or tunic can enhance the appeal of the total ensemble manifold times. The best effects of girls printed leggings can be seen when the base color of the legging is black. Gothic impact is accentuated with the black color.


  • Leggings representing wetlook–The wetlook appearance of leggings is something that can provide a fascinating look, provided you carry it well. Wetlook leggings will not look good on everybody. These leggings are extremely tight fitting and body hugging. The material used in the making of these leggings is something synthetic and this is the reason that there is sheen to the same. It looks as if the leggings are wet when seen from a distance. These leggings can be adorned with all kinds of dresses and tops and tunics.

Hot pants – another favorite of modern day women

Cute Cats Printed Shorts Hot Pants

Along with leggings, women’s hot pants are also gaining immense popularity. Available in different colors and designs, hot pants can add to the oomph and style factor immensely without the need of doing much. The combination of hot pants with high boots is outstanding and can make the wearer look extremely smart while being bold at the same time. However, you need to have a great figure for wearing hot pants. Hot pants are also included as a part of alternative clothing; just their designs and patterns are different from those of normal hot pants.

What is Alternative clothing?

The choice of clothing style and fashion varies from one person to another. While some people like to keep their clothing simple and sober; some like experimenting with the same in weird fashions. You must have heard about alternative clothing as it has become quite a common term with people, particularly with teenagers and the younger generation. This kind of clothing is loved by people who do not like typical and general clothing styles. In alternative clothing, the styles and designs of the costumes are entirely different from general apparel. And this different style and design is what makes alternative clothing truly alternative. Bright mix of colors and bold designs can be seen in this kind of clothing. Some common designs that can be seen in alternative clothing include zombie flicks, rock n roll images, tattoo styles, graffiti designs, and asymmetrical graphical representations and so on.

Alternative fashion is in vogue currently

It is quite interesting to note that more and more numbers of youngsters are looking for alternative clothing recently. If you want to have an idea of the trends that are ongoing, you can easily check alternative clothing online. Mentioned below are some items you can check:

  • Men’s gothic jacket – Jackets are one of the most favorite apparel adorned by men. There are jackets that provide protection against cold and there are jackets which can be worn for making a style statement. Men’s jackets with ‘gothic theme’ are quite popular. It is evident from the theme that these jackets have gothic designs and patterns and are quite scary to look at sometimes. Such jackets are perfect for Halloween wear and are loved by men who like alternative clothing.
    Men's Unique Gothic Steampunk Black Parade Military Marching Band Drummer Jacket Goth Punk Emo


  • Fluffy leg warmers – Leg warmers are pretty comfortable during the winter months. But once you take a look at the fluffy variety, you will be awestruck. The fluffiness comes from the fur, which is used in the leg warmers and makes the item look really funny and weird. It is quite hard to believe that someone will wear this and walk. They are available in wide array of colors. Sometimes combined colors are also used.
    Pink And White Neon UV Legwarmers/Boot Covers Fluffies Cyber Rave


  • Hot pants for women–Among different kinds of smart apparel for ladies, women’s hot pants are quite popular. But how would a hot pant look with splash of various bright colors? Or how about a hot pant depicting a desert with scorching sun or a beach with the sea and palm trees? It sounds really strange, isn’t it? Well, hot pants in alternative clothing have such presentations only. They indeed are very hot!
    Cute Cats Printed Shorts Hot Pants


  • Bondage trousers–Have you ever seen trousers the legs of which are connected to one another via chains or other items from the knee area or something like that? Well, the connections are pretty loosely done so that one has ample space while running and walking. These trousers are loosely fitted and come in baggy shape. They are available in different colours and sometimes in unusual printed styles.
    Unisex Denim Slim Fit Bondage Strap Gothic Pants Trousers Emo Punk

Buying alternative clothing online

With increasing demands of alternative clothing with youngsters, many stores are dealing with punk clothing online. You can choose from the wide varieties available and select one that matches your preferences. The item you choose might raise eyebrows of others; but if you are interested in making an alternative style statement, choose alternative clothing.