Easter Dresses with Alternative Spring Spin

Easter is the time for family bonding. You must be planning to host an Easter brunch or have to visit friends and relatives. If you are in a fix as to what to wear this Holiday, worry not, we have rounded up perfect Easter dresses with alternative spring spin. Let’s get going girl!

Pink & Black Vintage Floral Dress

Pink & Black Vintage Floral Dress

It’s a perfect piece for an Easter brunch. Retro styling with an elegant modern design, this pink and black beauty available at Blue Magik, the alternative clothing website, offers the best of both the worlds. Pink flowers blossom on a contrast black, giving this vintage dress a spring spin. This sultry and feminine dress is perfect for this season with a beautiful large collar and a fabulous touch of fabric buttons on the front and a fitted top with a flared and pleated skirt on the bottom.

Roses Rockabilly Vintage Floral Dress

Roses Rockabilly Vintage Floral Dress

This Easter Sunday, slip into this alternative dress and get ready to turn heads. This rose print dress in bold and beautiful colours is to die for! It’s a must have number to be added to your wardrobe. It features a great colour scheme of black, red and white filled with all over rose print along with black net detail. This dress will add the spring vibes to your look.

Tropical Floral Geometric Polka Dot Marble Printed Skater Dress

Tropical Floral Geometric Polka Dot Marble Printed Skater Dress

If this Easter, you are planning to up your glam quotient, then this tropical floral dress is perfect. The exclusive print on this dress features monochrome geometric design of triangles with polka dots along with the tropical print. This marbled printed skater dress is a wardrobe essential. So, time to get your floral tropical geometric vibes on with this dress.

Exotic Birds Floral Swing Rockabilly Dress

Exotic Birds Floral Swing Rockabilly Dress

Add this stunning spring number to your floral collection! Tweet, tweet! The birds on this dress are calling you. You can’t miss this dress. This Easter Sunday slip into this and add a fashionable edge to your look. This beige coloured alternative outfit has rockabilly style with retro birds and flowers pattern and front beige bow appliqué.

Teal Peacock Animal Print Floral Vintage Retro Dress

Teal Peacock Animal Print Floral Vintage Retro Dress

Going to visit your family, this Easter? Don this teal peacock floral vintage retro dress. The focal point of this dress is the vibrant peacock print with the beautiful birds perched upon blossom trees. This fun and flattering textured jacquard dress is a stunning number to wow your friends. It features an invisible zip closure at back.

Black & Red Floral Rockabilly Dress

Black & Red Floral Rockabilly Dress

Get into the Holiday mood with this black and red rockability dress for this Easter Sunday. A great addition to your Spring wardrobe, this dress features sweetheart neckline with flared skirt. This cute floral flocked dress is flattering and a must-have for those fashionistas who wish to give their style a vintage twist this season. So which one are you going to wear this Easter?


How To Slay Punk Rock Look In 2018

If you are the kind of person who likes to break the fashion rules, and don in the alternative fashion trend, whenever you feel like, then you are at the right place. Fashion is what you feel cool and comfortable in.


To turn heads, you need to get some punk rock inspiration. To kill this fashion trend, all you need certain style tricks so that you can be the master of this striking style of alternative clothing. While adorning this look, you will look feminine and fashionable.

Here are a few tips to slay the punk rock look in 2018

To begin with, you must upgrade your wardrobe with some leather jackets. Leather accessories will add to your style. Complete your look with a pair of pointy heels.


Toned down makeup and hair tied up in a bun would do the magic. Get some great ideas at Blue Magik for punk clothing in UK.

Many clothing lines are seeking inspiration from this subculture fashion trend. This trend underlines the revolting ideology. Team it with some youthful attitude, and you are all set. Once you grasp the punk philosophy, you can effortlessly flaunt it and look uber glamorous.


Explore a wide range of styles of alternative clothing in UK to ring in the New Year. To create the punk rock look, accessorise your look with heavy studs, spikes and more. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets will add spice to your look. Try not overdoing the punk elements. The aim is to look cool and trendy.


The punk rock look will remain incomplete if you do not team it with a right pair of footwear. Biker boots look tough and go pretty well with leather pants and skirts. Army boots or ankle boots embellished with some studs and spikes add heaviness to your punk look.

Top 4 Gothic Clothing Tips

The world of fashion keeps on changing continuously. It is very unpredictable and surprising and therefore people find it quite astonishing and exciting to observe the changes in the world of the fashion. There are a wide variety of fashion trends which keep on coming and fading with time.

One such trend is of gothic clothing UK. Gothic fashion trend is the coolest look you can have. It is also adopted by many people because of its catchy appearance. Gothic clothing UK is frequently showcased in many fashion shows and has become quite popular too.

Mens Gothic Look

Mastering the art of wearing the gothic clothes is not an easy task. You need to follow some tricks and tips to look cool in these outfits. In this article we’ll tell you some important points to keep in mind while wearing the gothic clothes and rock the show wherever you go.

First of all you should pay attention to adding glamour to your looks. Gothic outfits are better emphasized with the use of extra glamorous accessories. You should know the basic ideology behind the gothic fashion before you put on those outfits. The main theme of the gothic dressing style is based on the youthful energy and power. Gothic tops are best designed by the designers.

Your dresses and accessories should reflect the same. Include tough and heavy accessories in your dressing sense. You’ll also get these accessories in the gothic clothing UK. Just make sure that you are not overdoing any of the accessories.

Leather jackets can be a great choice to enhance the gothic look this season. Leather studs combined with the gothic jackets will act as a show stopper for you amidst the gathering.

The next important step in completing your gothic rock look is to choose the right footwear. Always go for that footwear which can complement the heavy look. One such choice could be army or biker shoes. They will undoubtedly leave you awestruck by your own stud look. If you want to give a more rebellious look then it would be awesome to pair it with the skinny leather pants or tight leather skirts.

You can also consider wearing ankle boots and add some spice to your style with spikes and studs. Spikes can be used in a variety of accessories like the necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. such accessories will perfectly match your garments like the jackets or pants.

You can also combine the metallic colours with the black to give more seductive look.

These days many fashion houses have been inspired by the gothic clothing UK. They have been trying to do many innovations with it by including some mixtures of the gothic and other traditional styles with that of the gothic look.

These styling tips and tricks will surely help you dress in a way that you can rock the gothic fashion trend. Just follow these steps and you’ll create the best gothic look ever.

Spooky Gothic Halloween Costumes

Halloween is around the corner and you must be scratching your head to find a perfect outfit that would freak out your friends! We have compiled a list of pocket-friendly Halloween fancy dress costumes. So, it’s time to get the perfect spooktacular look for the Halloween party.

The Vampiress


Vampire costumes are the most popular alternative clothing among many party goers. Sport this long flowing black gown and dab a little dark makeup, and you are a vampire straight out of a scary movie.

Gothic Creature


Gothic Halloween costumes are ideal to dress up like a blood thirsty Gothic creature. Vampiress costumes are in high demand. You can try a red skirt with black ruffles on the back. Zip up rhine stone studded corset. Velvet cape with stand up collar will do the magic!

Corpse Zombie


Till death do us part! The horror genre will always be the major inspiration for Halloween dressing. This corpse groom 4-piece Halloween fancy dress costume is perfect for a zombie look. It includes jacket, trousers, tie and a hat.

Witch Look


Bewitching! Women can try this witch look this Halloween. This 2-piece costume includes a Witch dress with built-in petticoat and lace-up details. The look gets complete with a lace-up hat.

Pirate Style


Nothing easier than to carry a pirate look! For this look all you need is a 5-Piece pirate costume that includes black and gold hat with satin ribbon trim and bow, jacket tie up front with ruffle detail, black satin boob tube, attached netted underskirt and matching boot cuffs. To complete the look, use an eyepatch.

For Halloween costumes, gothic leggings and fancy dress ideas, Blue Magik is your perfect guide. Costumes ranging from witches to vampires and from princess to pirates, they have it all. They have the largest selection of Gothic Halloween fancy dress costumes.

Millennials Set An Alternative Fashion Trend

Dressing style has got nothing to do with age as a lot of fashionista will claim, but the credit goes to millennials for bringing the alternative fashion back in trend and into limelight. Alternative fashion has been there since ages, though the followers of this style were not many. These rebels, if we could call them, had influenced the dressing style of zillions of youngsters. Decades after decades a lot of diverse styles kept cropping up. Punk, gothic, rock, vintage and other sub culture styles which are together called alternative fashion.

Youngsters are crazy about giving their look a whole new dimension with a wide range of alternative clothing online. Latest in punk, gothic, rock and vintage clothing is available at stunning prices. Online outlets also stock alternative accessories like skull print handbags, neon UV leg warmers, fairy wings, neon UV fluffy fur scarves, animal print scarves and wetlook gloves.

If fashion for you is to wear what you like and be comfortable in whatever attire slip in, then for sure you don’t want to follow the masses. If you dare to create your own fashion style, an alternative one, then alternative clothing is all for you. No need to look further than Blue Magik when it comes to alternative clothing. It is the home of alternative fashion.

Alternative fashion has lured both men and women. And kids too have not left aside. Women’s clothing has a range of cyber, punk gothic clothing. Punk clothing online offers an array of outfits to choose from. The range includes tops, t-shirts, dresses, corsets, swim suits, shorts, jeans, trousers, hoodies, jumpers, leggings, jackets and much more. Stunning collection of women’s gothic tops which includes printed long vest tops, butterfly print tops, skull print tops, neon UV women tank tops, animal print tops attracts young women.

Dresses, which are unique, flattering in shape and make one look stylish, are impressing women. The online collection of ladies dresses includes vintage 50s dresses, metallic shiny long vest tops, retro style dresses, floral prints, plus size polka dot dresses and gothic long dresses. The most fashionable women skater dresses are quite in demand. If you are searching for a perfect steampunk jacket, Blue Magik offers an ultimate collection of women’s stylish jackets including biker jackets, hooded Gothic jackets, classic punk tartan jackets to fluffy hooded coats.

Showcase your dark and mysterious look with an impressive array of Gothic t-shirts available online. Short sleeve printed tees with Gothic designs ensure spooky vibes. If you want to make a statement with your punk style, then you are at the right place. You don’t have to look any further for bondage trousers or punk pants. If you like dramatic alternative clothing, then it’s to update your wardrobe with dark fantasy themed men’s printed t-shirts. Apart from grim prints of skulls, skeletons, spiders, ribcage, bats, crows, our collection includes tropical floral retro vintage prints.

Types of gothic alternative legging

Leggings are a popular bottom wear adorned by women with various kinds of tops and tunics. While some leggings are plain and simple; some are quite bold and flashy in the way they look. There are different styles and patterns in which leggings are available. If you want to be slightly bold in your appearance, you can try Gothic leggings. Gothic fashion is high in vogue with many young people now. With this style, you can throw away your old boring leggings and flaunt something that is more interesting and eye-grabbing. Alternative leggings are a popular choice as they help in making a style statement which is quite noticeable.

Mentioned below find some interesting styles of gothic alternative legging:

  • Metallic leggings–If you are bold and want to flaunt your boldness, try metallic leggings. These leggings have sheen like metals and the skin tight ones look really attractive. Such leggings are available in myriad hues and you can choose the one that is in sync with your top, tunic or dress. If you are not much experimental, black leggings in metallic sheen can be your pick. Moreover, there can be metal studding on these leggings too.


  • Leggings with skulls and skeletons –When we talk of anything Gothic, skulls, skeletons and items related to the dark world come to our mind. Alternative clothing relies greatly on Gothic themes and concepts. Skeleton leggings have become a preferred choice with women who look for alternative leggings with a Gothic touch to the same. Seeing the leggings at first glance will give a creepy feeling as it seems that the legs are that of a skeleton.


  • Printed leggings–Prints on leggings are not uncommon. There can be different kinds of prints on leggings, ranging from plain and simple designs to Gothic patterns and styles. These prints are unique and cool and help in imparting a style statement like none other. Adorning these printed leggings with a simple top or tunic can enhance the appeal of the total ensemble manifold times. The best effects of girls printed leggings can be seen when the base color of the legging is black. Gothic impact is accentuated with the black color.


  • Leggings representing wetlook–The wetlook appearance of leggings is something that can provide a fascinating look, provided you carry it well. Wetlook leggings will not look good on everybody. These leggings are extremely tight fitting and body hugging. The material used in the making of these leggings is something synthetic and this is the reason that there is sheen to the same. It looks as if the leggings are wet when seen from a distance. These leggings can be adorned with all kinds of dresses and tops and tunics.

Hot pants – another favorite of modern day women

Cute Cats Printed Shorts Hot Pants

Along with leggings, women’s hot pants are also gaining immense popularity. Available in different colors and designs, hot pants can add to the oomph and style factor immensely without the need of doing much. The combination of hot pants with high boots is outstanding and can make the wearer look extremely smart while being bold at the same time. However, you need to have a great figure for wearing hot pants. Hot pants are also included as a part of alternative clothing; just their designs and patterns are different from those of normal hot pants.